A picnic is perfect for every weather, whether it’s summertime, autumn, or rain. A simple spectacular picnic near Mumbai requires a modest tabletop spread in the local park, a food hamper in a park or pasture, or a mat by the lakeside at dusk. Places around Mumbai provide various options for visitors and employees to rest and unwind, nestled within Maharashtra’s stunning beauty. There are hill stations, nighttime picnic spots, and areas that might be utilised for day or weeklong picnic vacations near Mumbai. What could be more enjoyable than sharing delicious meals with loved ones while experiencing two of the best parts of a picnic: snacks plus nature

Karjat, one of the most easily accessible picnic spots in Mumbai, provides a fantastic opportunity to recuperate and rest in the embrace of nature. This picnic location along the Ulhas River is famous for its stunning mountains and views, forts, tunnels, and temples. The stunning vistas of the beautiful mountains will undoubtedly steal your breath away. You may go on treks in Karjat, such as treks to Peth fort and Sendai Fort, and the best part about these treks is the stunning vistas of lush green meadows and scenery that you can see from them. The views from the summits of the hills are stunning. The entire environment becomes more beautiful and rich with foliage during the rainy season.

This is an excellent venue for a new or novice rapper. You may even bask in the splendour of the waterfall. It may be a thrilling experience to slide down the waterfall and take a shower beneath it. On a weekend, the farms and homestays accessible at this location give an excellent chance to share the magnificence of this location with friends and family.

Things to do : 

  • Explore the well-known Kondana Caves.
  • At Visawa Hotel, you may enjoy delectable cuisine.
  • Take a gander at some popular hikes.
  • Tour Peth Fort.

Villas in Karjat

Nest Villa

Nest villa in Karjat is a luxury Portuguese property with a minimalist style, pops of colour, and modern furnishings that will transport you to a professional setting. It conveys elegance, tranquillity, and a pleasant demeanour. The residence features three bedrooms, a lovely pool, and a well-lit pool deck. Guests may be confident in the quality and service of their stay because it is an EKO STAY villa.

Eclipse Villa

Eclipse Villa in Karjat is the ideal setting for your fantasy vacation. The 3 BHK Villa, with its gorgeous décor and own pool, is the ideal place to relax or simply enjoy the amazing views from every point of our homestay.

Simba Villa 

The simple construction, beautiful colour, and modern design of Simba villa will transport you to a peaceful state. It exudes elegance, serenity, and a happy personality. This villa on rent in Karjat offers three bedrooms, a private pool, and a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and lush foliage.

Amenities in the villas in Karjat

The villas at Ekostay in Karjat feature a variety of facilities to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and comfortable. All EKOSTAY villas in Karjat offer a pool where you can rest and unwind without having to worry about others going in the pool with you. In the private deluxe villas in Karjat with pool at Ekostay, there are spacious lawns where you can play outdoor activities or enjoy a BBQ night with your loved ones under the starry night. A fully equipped kitchen has a gas burner, microwave, melamine plates and silverware, and a refrigerator. Guests are welcome to make their own meals at the property. The caretaker can also help you with breakfast and other household tasks. There is a caretaker on the premises who can assist you throughout your stay.


The picturesque town of Lonavala is at a short distance from Mumbai. Our list would have been incomplete if we had not included this town. This hill station is well-known for its chikki and spectacular views. Lonavala and Khandala are two of the most popular one-day picnic destinations near Mumbai throughout the summer. Enjoy lush flora, magnificent waterfalls, a cool climate, and a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Rajmachi Point is popular among tourists because it offers a spectacular view of Rajmachi, Shivaji’s legendary fort. Another famous tourist location is Tiger’s Point, often known as Tiger’s Leap. It’s a must-see for nature lovers, with a nearly 650-metre drop and a little waterfall that only falls when it rains.

Villas in Lonavala

Olive Crest Villa

Ekostay Olive Crest Villa in Lonavala is an exquisite residence with colourful furnishings and chill vibes that would appeal to everyone who values the finer things in life. The private pool villa in Lonavala is located amidst the foggy skies of Lonavala. Cool comfort or comfortable warmth can be found by your own private pool, and one of the bedrooms views the beautiful garden and the mountains, making it ideal for quiet groups and playdates. A joy for outdoor enthusiasts, you can be sure to have a good time with your loved ones.

Mount Castle Villa

A magnificently decorated Heritage-Contemporary 4BHK Ekostay Mount Castle Villa in Lonavala. A hassle-free stay option for any party of up to 12-18 people wishing to unwind and rest while taking in the breathtaking valley views. The villa has 4 bedrooms, a private infinity pool, a stunning garden space, and outdoor activities for our visitors to Chill and Vibe. There is a caretaker on the premises who can assist you throughout your stay.

Kingfisher Villa

The 3.5 BHK Ekostay Kingfisher Villa in Lonavala, located at 1500 feet above sea level, is the ideal staycation destination for you to be immersed in the valleys and vistas that Lonavala has to offer. A private indoor plunge pool to relax in this private villa on rent in Lonavala with your loved ones while taking in the views of the hills, trees, and fireflies.

Villas in Lonavala include a variety of amenities.

The villas at Ekostay in Lonavala are equipped with a range of amenities to make your stay pleasurable and comfortable. All EKOSTAY villas in Lonavala include a pool where you can relax and unwind without worrying about other people getting into the pool with you. There are vast lawns in the private deluxe villas in Lonavala with pool at Ekostay where you may perform outdoor activities or have a BBQ night with your loved ones beneath the stars. Guests are allowed to prepare their own meals on the premises. You may also ask the caretaker to assist you with breakfast and other home duties. There is a caretaker on site who can help you throughout your visit.

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