Hair Colour at home

Have you tried colouring your hair at home or getting genuine salon at home services for your hair colour and hair treatment??

No matter what our age whether 15 or 50 we always want to confine ourselves to the mid-twenties but life just goes on and can’t be locked on at a particular age and lived forever. No one asks us how old we are except for certain things about our appearance which gives way to the onlooker somehow and they are able to guess that the old age has started to set in. 

This mostly is when people see grey hair which starts to peek out from mainly the side of the head and gradually spread out. Since this is a problem concerning the majority of people who have just stepped into their early thirties (worst still the greying of the hair starts even in the late twenties) we have a perfect solution to it. Hair colours! Woooo! After all, there are hundreds of advertisements on the media each day persuading you to buy some boxed colour and do it at home. Well, there is hardly any truth to it for the reasons that are to follow?

Are the hair colour ads truthful?

To a certain degree yes (it saves you some money), but on a whole, it is a no (as the cons clearly outweigh the pros). Ads only convince you to get hair colour and do it yourself but if fail to educate which hair colour should you buy in the first place since the local shop keepers or even the departmental stores do not have the expertise to inform which brand is better than the other and why. Even if you somehow not-pick your preferred hair colour the next step is to apply it which clearly you cannot do all by yourself. Still, you can do it at your home with the help of The Monsha’s salon.

Hassles of hair colour by yourself

This leaves you no option but to persuade someone from your family, most likely your spouse or your siblings. It is not who does it but how it is done. Unskilled can never be compared to that professional who has done this day in and day out for years on end. 

The hassles are also many as the developer has to be mixed in the right amount and allowed to stay for the right amount of time not to mention the dripping colour which only adds to the menace and you wishing that I should have gone to the salon instead.

The reality of Hair colour at a nearby salon

The salon is definitely reliable except it charges way too high and what we observed is that they don’t have any fixed prices and simply ask for a price let us say Rs 1000/- which is almost always open to negotiation and the waiting period before taking the service and after application of the hair colour till the hair are not rinsed also adds to the loss of valuable time which could have been dedicated to family or some pending office work. To save this time and effort you can just book salon at home services for your hair treatment or colouring at your convenient day and time.

Advantages with salon at home

But, with the monsha’s hair colour at home, you can always pre-book an appointment for a preferred date and time as per your availability and preference. One consultation is all that is required with the monsha’s trained and experienced groomers concerning the type and brand of hair colour and you are all set to go. There is no issue of dripping hair colour on your clothes or staining your neck and forehead which is often the case when doing it yourself.

And most importantly it cost 40% less as compared to what you shell out in your nearby salon. 

So book an appointment today with the monsha’s and get rid of the betrayal of grey hair.

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